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Please ensure that before purchasing birds from this section that you obtain a book relating to the species you have chosen. There is a vast variety of birds, each of which have their own individual requirements. You must ensure that you are able to supply them with a suitable environment so as they maybe maintained in good health.

Many species of birds, in particular Parrots such as certain : Macaws, Cockatoo, Lories and Lorikeets are listed under the C.I.T.E. endangered species. Please ensure that the seller has the neccesary exemption certificates.

N.B. All British Birds must be A.B.C.R close rung.e accompanied by a declaration form obtainable, with an explanatory note, from the Classified Advertisement Manager.

PARROTS & BUDGERIGARS Lories & Larikeets Falcons
African Grey Parrots Lovebirds Hawks
Amazon Parrots Macaws Owls
Australian Parrots Parakeets OTHER BIRDS
Budgerigars Parrotlets British Birds (ABCR Reg.)
Caique Pigmy Parrots Ducks and Geese
Cockatiels Pionus Parrots Foreign Finches
Cockatoos Rocket Tailed Parrots Fowls and Pheasants
Conures Other Parrots Pigeons and Doves
Fig Parrots BIRDS OF PREY Softbills
Hanging Parrots Eagles Other Birds
Bird Accessories & Services


It is an offence to sell or offer to buy or sell most wild birds, dead or alive without a licence or exemption from the Department of the Environment, or registration under section 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. All advertisements should be accompanied by a declaration form obtainable, with an explanatory note, from the Classified Advertisement Manager.

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