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Advise to prospective purchasers of pets and animals

1. Before purchasing a pet ensure that you visit the breeders premises, satisfy yourself that their animals live in a healthy environment and are being looked after correctly. Fortunatley there are some excellent breeders and suppliers, but regretably this is not always the case. Unless it is absolutley unavoidable never purchase an animal, especially dogs and cats over the phone or internet, always visit the supplier before purchasing.

2. If you wish to purchase a pet, make sure you buy a book and read the neccesary information about the animal, it will always help to ensure that your animal settles in well and is happy and healthy. An excellent selection of books can be obtained from

3. You will notice that alongside each breed of animal we have a link for information on that breed, these links will be completed at the earliest opportunity. If you can suggest any useful information sites please advise us.

4. If you have brought an animal from our site we would appreciate an e-mail.

5. If you have any suggestions as to how Petsearcha can be improved please dont hesitate to let us know.

Advise to Advertisers

1. Try to make your advert as interesting as possible, describe your animals good points - tell people why they should buy your animals.

2. When customers visit, make sure they are aware of the needs of the type of animal you are offering.

3. Please keep in contact and let us know in any way in which we can improve our service to you.

4. If there are anything that you feel should be shown on our website, information about your animals which we dont know, we appreciate your comments and ideas. We are determined to make Petsearcha a success which can only be done by your support. Tell friends and people you know, the word of mouth is the best recommendation.


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