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Petsearcha Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is

2. How do I know my advert will be seen by users?

3. Will visitors be interested in buying pets?

4. Will card details be safe?

5. Can I change my advert?

6. I don't like putting my animals on the internet.

7. How does price compare to magazines?

8. I have my own internet site, why advertise on Petsearcha?

9. How can I stop calls when pets are sold?

10. Do people look on the internet?

11. Problems placing adverts?

12. I can advertise free on some sites, why should I pay on Petsearcha.

13. Puppy Farming / Kitten Mills.


1. is run as a family business, we our selves love animals and have had a vast experience of cats, dogs, birds, horses and many other animals. We therefore understand the problems involved in advertising to find homes for animals.

2. has excellent ratings on the major search engines, we are currently listed No1 for the UK on Lycos, Excite, UK Plus, No2 on Yahoo, Altavista and We also have top 10 listings on many other lesser search engines and directories.

3. The website has been searched on the internet to attract a specific type of visitor. Our search terms are "pets for sale", "dogs for sale" and "cats for sale" etc... searching simply for "pets", "dogs" and "cats" would obviously produce many more visitors to the site. However, we currently have 5000+ visitors a month to this site, all of whom are searching for pets or animals FOR SALE! can offer you access to people specifically interested in buying animals, as oppossed to general classified magazines and websites which attract visitors and readers interested in all types of purchases.

4. All credit/debit card payments made online to are processed by Worldpay plc (part of Natwest Bank plc), (see Security Statement from Worldpay plc), a guaranteed secure server. At no time, whatsoever, does have access to your card details.

5. Should the animals which you have for sale change during the time your advert appears on, e-mail and we will be pleased to ammend your advertisement - including photographs at no extra charge.

6. Many people are cautious of advertising their pets/animals on the internet. The system operated by is exactly the same as any magazine, the prospective buyer will contact you by telephone, and you can then assess their suitability to purchase as normal.

7. An advertisement on wil give up to 60 words for £10.00, (£15.00 plus photo) and will be on-line for 60 days. Users will find it virtually impossible to place an advertisement of 60 words in any magazine or newspaper for £10 a week let alone 60 days.

8. Many breeders of pets and animals now have their own website, however, very few can be found on the internet. It is one thing to have a website designed, but the price paid very rarely includes submission to search engines. A website on the internet is of no value whatsoever unless it is searched. will include a free link to your personal website at no additional cost thus, due to its high search ratings, driving traffic to your site.

9. When your pet/animals have been sold, let us know and we will place a banner stating sold on your advert.

10. Latest statistics state that 36% of the adult population in the UK is connected to the internet, and that there are currently 8 million people buying on-line. With 5,000 visitors per month on, this would mean that around 3,000 people visiting the site would be prepared to answer your advertisement.

11. If you have any problems then e-mail us and we would be pleased to assist you. E-mail:

12. Yes there are sites that will accept free advertisements. However, try to find these sites by searching the web, if a site cannot be found your advertisement will receive no response. There are in fact some sites which actually charge for advertisements and can still not be found on the internet. We at constantly monitor our search positions in order to give you the advertiser the maximum visitors to the site.

13. is run by animal lovers and object strongly to puppy farming and kitten mills. We will not accept advertisements from clients offering to supply any or a large variety of breeds of animals. If you have any suspicions regarding any advertisement on, please notify us without delay.

If you cannot find the pet of your choice on this website. E-mail us and we will see if we can find some contacts which maybe helpful to you.
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