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NB: There is one new offer every month on

1. If you suggest a friend who advertises on you get a lineage advert for 60 days free of charge. Offer ends 1st September 2001

2. Refer one person who uses a banner advertisement, you get a banner advertisement half price. Offer ends 31st September 2001

3. Anyone who advertises three times before December 31st can have one of their adverts on for 365 days free of charge Offer ends December 31st 2001

If you think you have earned one of these offers please e-mail

Every Month all customers who have advertised on this site for that month are all put into a random draw, the advertiser who is picked gets a free advertisement for a year with a photograph. Our next winner will be announced on line and contacted on 31st August 2001

Winner for July is as follows

1. K J Harris - Winner

2. G Osler

3. Angela Gillespie

Winner for June is as follows

1. Violet Veitschegger - Winner

2. Pamela Tibbs - Became the free advertiser as Violet didn't reply.

3. Karen Carling

If you cannot find the pet of your choice on this website. E-mail us and we will see if we can find some contacts which maybe helpful to you.
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