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Animals listed on these pages should NOT be considered as Pets

Prospective purchasers of wild animals should contact their local authorities with a view to obtain a licence under The Dangerous Wild Animals Act, 1976. A full list of animals covered by the Act is available, on request by the Department of the Environment (Wildlife Division, Tollgate House, Houlton Street, BS2 9DJ). It is prohibited to offer endangered species for sale unless an exemption has been granted by the Department of the Environment (International Trade in Endangered Species Branch, Tollgate House, Houlton Street, Bristol, BS2 9DJ). The DoE will provide a list of endangered species on request.

Advertisements within this section will only be accepted from the following:

1. Zoos and Wildlife parks (surplus to requirements).

2. Conservationists.

3. Persons involved in authorised breeding programmes.

*4. Private individuals needing to rehome wild animals (see below)

* Persons owning wild animals (legally obtained or otherwise) who are no longer able to accomodate such animals, may contact Petsearcha.com in total confidence. We will then do our upmost to obtain suitable accomodation.

All adverts from the above with the exception of No 4 must be accompanied by a copy of a Dangerous Wild Animal's Licence (or equivalent) e-mailed to bjorn@petsearcha.com

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